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An Online Business Story

Hi folks! My name is Jay. I have been a website designer since 1994, first as a hobby and then as a free service for a number of charities.

In 2006 my wife and I opened a property management business, and I designed my first serious business website.

That website was hugely successful and ranked number one in Google in the property management niche for seven years.

It generated hundreds of quality business inquiries. In 2013, however, we had to close our “brick and mortar" business, and I needed a new source of income.

Over my 20 years as a website designer I tried a lot of online "business opportunities" that promised huge profits if I would market their products.

Needless to say as a real-world businessman I could see serious shortcomings in many of these offerings.

Some programs were great but most were not. For some the principal players had no principles, and when integrity becomes an issue I’m out of there.

Most programs just had: Unworkable Business Models or Products With Little Potential

When it came time to develop a new income source I dusted off one of the products I thought I could sell and set to work.

But even with 20 years of website design experience, and over 40 years of business experience…

I discovered I was not a good internet marketer! but it helped me to understand that what I really needed was:

A Value Packed Internet Marketing Program Offering Extensive Training covering:

  • Making a business plan
  • Financing
  • Advertising
  • Product selection
  • Email promotion
  • Traffic generation
  • Time management
  • Contact list management
  • Ongoing daily coaching
  • and more . . .

I also needed a broad range of: Money-Making Business Opportunities That I could Sell

The answer I found is: The business I found is: "My Top Tier Business (MTTB)". A 21-Step System that begins with intense training, personal coaching,

Deposits $1000, $3000 & $5000 Commissions Directly Into Your Bank Account, And Guarantees A Commission Within 30 Days Of Completing Their 21 Step Course

Or They'll Pay You $500 In CASH! This business has everything needed to make a very comfortable living online and is HONEST & ETHICAL

In reality MTTB would be of huge benefit anyone involved in internet marketing no matter what product they promote. .

The point of this story is to get you, as I did, to take a look at MTTB and perhaps discover, as I did, that this is just what you need to succeed.

Even though it’s FREE and you have everything to gain and nothing to loose by taking a look at MTTB

Things being what they are on the Internet it's likely that you would just pass this opportunity up.

So for a limited time I'm doing something pretty darned unusual in order to get you to take a free peek…

I’ve acquired the rights to market a 48 page eBook: “The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing”

or “How to Get More Traffic and Leads from Your Online Marketing Efforts”

If you would like a copy of this indispensible resource, I will send you your own copy. Absolutely FREE

I do have a price in mind, but it is simply for you to take a serious look at My Top Tier Business without any obgligations.

You can't loose and if you’re an experienced online marketer or becoming one, you will most definitely win Big Time.

You won’t spend a dime. You’ve got nothing to loose and much to gain. Simply leave your name and email address on the form below and press SIGN UP NOW!